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The most diverse of teams in Jakarta, JBRC welcomes all and refuses none. From local to foreign, young to old, inexperienced to lifers, and men to women, we have fostered a diverse, yet tightly-knit rugby community that represents the global game of rugby on a smaller scale.


Whether it manifests itself as a series of hard hits, gritty cleanouts, or a scintillating piece of backline play, the passion in the JBRC family is truly tops. And while this passion displays itself naturally in-game and has led us to, or near, the top of the table in recent years, the passion we share for our community off the pitch as teammates, brothers, sisters, friends, and above all, family, is something that any Banteng can be proud of.


The game of rugby is one of respect, and at JBRC you can expect to find that respect any which way you turn. Regardless of whether we are introducing a group of newcomers to the game, locked in a bruiser with old rivals, or even sharing dinner together off of the pitch, respecting people from all walks of life is a way that we hope to continue to further both rugby and Indonesian values within our community.


The game of rugby is instrumental in teaching those engage to maintain balance within their lives, and we firmly believe the same applies within our community. Espousing the tenets of integrity, solidarity, intensity and discipline on the field, we strive to focus on things like fun, friendship, inclusion and support off the pitch. Maintaining this balance not only results in a quality product on the pitch, but a quality experience, and individuals, off of it.

Message from the chairman

I think we can agree that 2015 has been a fantastic year for rugby. With the World Cup held in England being regarded as the best and most widely watched ever, the sport of rugby has never been stronger. And here in Indonesia we had our own international cause to celebrate. Indonesia played host to Guam and China in the Asia Rugby Championship Division 3 East. Club rugby is growing all the time here. In 2015 the Jakarta 15’s competition was expanded to include 7 teams and we should see at least 8 teams competing in 2016. This expansion despite an oil and mining industry down turn proves that rugby is now a truly Indonesian sport. With the Jakarta Bantengs we have had one of our best seasons ever. In the Jakarta 15’s we came tantalisingly close to winning outright. In the final we were leading 13-0 at half time. Unfortunately the more experienced Komodos came back to clinch it. At the Bali 10’s we lost just a single game all weekend and we were the only team to beat the eventual tournament winners. On the way to winning the Bowl Final we had revenge over the Komodos. As a club we have never been on a better footing. At the start of the year we completed our articles of association and finally succeeded in opening a bank account. We have a new coach and our membership is strong with more than 30 players regularly turning up for training. So looking forward to 2016 I hope we can continue to build on these very solid foundations.

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