As the Chairman of the JBRC, it gives me great pleasure in announcing the squad that will be representing the Mighty Banteng club at the 2009 Bali International 10’s tournament in October…

This year we based our selection on skills development, attendance at training, knowledge, current form and performance and of course experience… But as the Chairman I am also very pleased to see the growth of the club through our youth program with more and more news faces coming to training from surrounding schools and universities from the greater Jakarta area. This has seen the selection of 1 or 2 new faces in the Banteng squad for Bali…

So without further delay I hereby announce the squad for Bali –

1.    Dicky Natapradja a.k.a BABEH

2.    Daniel Rahadian a.k.a DAN HO

3.    M Aaron Sampetoding a.k.a SAMPS 1

4.    Rusman ST a.k.a BATAK

5.    Raoul Miguel Hadinoto a.k.a EBOZ

6.    M Alton Annar Yunior a.k.a SAMPS 2

7.    Denny a.k.a KARET

8.    Bayu Dhanubroto a.k.a PINKY

9.    Teguh Setiawan a.k.a BOKEP

10.  Andrew White a.k.a STARDUST

11.  Akmal Nasser a.k.a SMOOTH

12.  Bahrul Arifudin a.k.a BANG RHOMA

13.  Fendy Tjhung a.k.a CINA

14.  Muhammad Bustanil a.k.a BOCIL

15.  Sam Refshauge a.k.a Syamsudin

Please join me and the Executive Committee of the JBRC in congratulating these lads on their selection… We are very confident that these boys will endeavour to bring home some silver ware home this year… For those of you that have not been selected for this tournament, please do not feel discouraged or demotivated in anyway… As you know our budget was cut off nearly totally a few months ago, hence our squad being limited in terms of who gets selected and paid for by the JBRC… If we had the funds that we really wanted, you know we would’ve taken more of you, even a second team… But that is not the case… So if you missed out this time, make it a motivation tool for you to introspect within yourself and ask the question, “what should I do better” or “what else can I do to improve my performance and skills”…

If you have any issues in regards to the selection, please come and talk to me in person or any of the Ex-comm of the JBRC… We are all adults and mature enough, I hope, to accept this decision…

Once again congratulations to the boys for their selection and good luck in Bali..


Bobby Orlando