Donut Goes to School

Last Saturday saw a mini-10s Tournament hosted by Jakarta Komodo Rugby in preparation for the upcoming Bali 10s, with Jakarta Banteng, Jakarta Komodo, JJRG Samurai and Bandung Rams participating. A great day indeed! Many thanks to the Komodos for organizing…

With all games seeing all teams giving it their all, Banteng managed to tie with Komodo before going down to JJRG. Everything ended up even for Banteng as we managed to defeat Bandung Rams in the last game. But enough about the tournament, let us take some time to focus on Banteng MVP Gregory Nanik aka Greg Donut.

This tournament is somewhat of a testimonial one for Greg as he leaves our fair shores to head south to enchanting Perth to continue his studies at Curtin University. Having started at Junior level with Banteng three years ago, Greg has developed his game to be a jackal in rucks and a monster in tackles. Greg shows his character when he plays by leaving nothing in the tank every single time he takes the field and proving true the saying “… it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!”

Below is a quick note from our brother, Greg Donut:

“My 3 years at jakarta banteng rugby club was more than what ive imagined in a good way. I have learnt more things about the game of rugby in the years i spent in this club than i would growing up playing the game in school. The friends i have made in the club are friends that you can keep forever cause the reason for this is because they are people who share the same love and passion as you do which is RUGBY. This one sport has made a group of guys enjoy the company of one another, the experiences we share the experience that we will never forget the wins we’ve accomplished the loss that we’ve gone through has made this club a club that will forever be apart of me although we separate the brother hood of the bantengs will for long be with me and it is a brother hood i wish to stay in. JAKARTA BANTENGS FOREVER”