Annual Meeting!

BANTENG AWARDS 2013 Category: Weirdest Moment Nominees: o    Margha for driving the wrong way – mini 10s Jakarta o    Alton for his pose in the Harlem Shake video o    Peter for ‘turtle neck’ incident – mini 10s Jakarta Category: Balls of Steel Nominees: o    Fikri –  taking a big hit from Bandung Rams – mini[…]

Jakarta Banteng to Bali Rugby Fest 2013 Named

by Marco Sebastian A new year, new season and a new era of the Jakarta Banteng… This year the Jakarta Banteng will make a return to the Open Men Bali 10’s Tournament after a 3-year absence to play in the Men’s National 7’s from 2010 to 2012. After winning the Bowl in the Jakarta 10’s[…]