Jakarta Banteng to Bali Rugby Fest 2013 Named

by Marco Sebastian

A new year, new season and a new era of the Jakarta Banteng… This year the Jakarta Banteng will make a return to the Open Men Bali 10’s Tournament after a 3-year absence to play in the Men’s National 7’s from 2010 to 2012. After winning the Bowl in the Jakarta 10’s and Matsuri Cup earlier this year, the decision to make a return to the Open Men scene in Bali was an easy one as the team  feels ready to compete and eager to challenge themselves in this great annual tournament.

This year team consists of new faces where 12 out of the 17 men roster will be putting on a Banteng jersey for the first time in Bali, dubbed “Banteng Virgins”, which will offer quite a spectacle during their “Virgin Run”.

  1. Marco Sebastian (C)
  2. Bobby Orlando
  3. Peter Klestov
  4. Mohamad Fadli
  5. David Shirley
  6. Andrian
  7. Mathew Davis
  8. Maychel Z Arwan
  9. Fajar Pamungkas
  10. Ari Yudha Pramono
  11. Robert K Chui
  12. Scott Atkinson
  13. Justin Field
  14. Stephen Field
  15. Leone Bainivanua
  16. Charles Guinot
  17. Sanny Hardianto

Team Managers: Denny ‘Ta Ke’ and Tito ‘Sugar’


Jakarta Banteng schedule:

13:45                  Kalamunda Bulls vs Jakarta Banteng

15:30                  Palmyra vs Jakarta Banteng

17:45                  Jakarta Banteng vs Bali 10s Barbarians

Go..!!! Fight..!!! Win..!!! Banteng..!!!