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About Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club

 Founded in 2004, the Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club (JBRC) is the rugby pioneer in Jakarta and have quickly become a rugby icon across the nation.

 JBRC has seen great success in recent years as we are the defending Rugby 7’s National Champs since its inaugural competition in 2010.

 JBRC competes in local tournaments across Indonesia and a considerable number of our players have been consistently been selected for the Indonesian National Teams.

 We are currently over 70 members strong with members ranging from 15 to 40 years old coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

 JBRC is also actively promoting rugby in Jakarta as we become more committed to the development of rugby mostly by introducing rugby and organizing rugby events for high school rugby clubs and players throughout the Jakarta region.

Banteng practice every Monday at Hockey field, Senayan, 8-10 PM. These sessions are open to anyone who would like to play rugby in Indonesia.

Our vision

To be the leading club in Indonesia which strives for excellence in performance, personal development and community engagement as a united rugby family

Organization Structure

Chairman/Captain: Matt Davis
Vice-Chairman: M. Fadli (Fadmo)
Treasurer: Sam Chambers
Team Managers: Tito Vau, Didik Pribadi, Denny Peh
Training & Development: Stephen Field
Social & Marketing: Fikri Al Azhar
Logistics: M. Yunus

   Grass Roots Rugby

        Our special effort will go towards grass roots rugby which focuses in providing the opportunity for children to learn, play and enjoy the game.

        Our target this year will to start offering rugby as an extracurricular sport in high schools in the greater Jakarta region.

        Our IRB-qualified coaches are willing to coach for the development of grass roots rugby

        Grass roots sponsorship will be reserve exclusively for rugby development outside JBRC

        Sponsorship funds will be utilize to compensate coaches, training balls, kits, as  well as to fund high-school tournaments during the year.

Rugby in Indonesia

 Rugby has never been as popular as it is today. It was announced, that the summer Olympics in 2016, Rugby Sevens will make its Olympic Debut. Rugby sevens is one of the modified version of the game which features 7 players a side instead of the traditionally 15.

 Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) was formed in May 2004 and has since been a Full Member of the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU)  in 2005 & an Associate Member of the International Rugby Board (IRB) in 2008.

 In Indonesia, rugby is currently played by 16 teams spread across 12 provinces in the Indonesian archipelago and continue to grow exponentially with more than 700 Indonesians currently involved in the Game.

 Indonesian rugby is represented on the international playing field by 3 national teams: Men’s National 15’s (Rhinos), Men’s National 7’s (Harimau), and the Women’s National  7’s (Cendrawasih).


20 Responses to About us

  1. Dito says:

    Hellow Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club, how can i Join the club and Practice Rugby with JBRC, Please Info

  2. Malyndo Dewantara says:

    I was wondering If I can know where You guys meet and if I am able to join. I dont really know much about Jakarta because I lived most of my life overseas, but I am Indonesian. I am 14 and I was wondering if You guys have different age group in your club, also what equipments I will be using for matches.

    Im kind of new to Rugby because my last hobby was racing and i figure that I would have more time to play Rugby, I will be moving to America if my parents are happy with my performance in Rugby. I was hoping I could start my career here and hopefully get somewhere in the future. I basically just want information about the club and hoping someone can help me out.

    Thank you.

  3. admin says:

    hi Dito and Malyndo,

    We are always happy and open for anyone to join the club. Free rugby training every Monday and Wednesday, 7-9PM at pertamina sport complex, just bring your boots! we normally have around 30 to 40 people coming every training and this year we have more U18 players than the senior.

    We are an amateur sport club. everyone volunteer their time for the club but we always strive for the best in Rugby.


  4. Leone Bainivanua says:


    I am a Fijian born young man and I have been playing rugby ever since I could pick up the ball and run in this small Island nation. I play for USON CLUB as a Utility Backs and we competes in the local 15’s series and I played seven a side too when we have off seasons. I will be coming to Indonesia in July 2012 to study and I was wondering if I could play for your club? In Fiji, rugby is our national sports and we are crazy about rugby just like New Zealand people are. Our national seven team is the only team that have won the Sevens World Cup Two times. I guess now you know how crazy we are about rugby. So please let me know if I could play for your club.

  5. RAMIREZ amarilla says:


    Is there also Female team . My daughter falls is love with Rugby at Global jaya school . So i would like her to practice with a real team .

    Thank you

  6. admin says:

    Hi there,

    we use to have a female team and most of the girls are from Senior High school. but most of them are in college now. We are planning to make this year women rugby team starting this month. there are around 8 people are interested. please do come to training and we’ll see how many girls we have and commit to make a team. Training every Wednesday 7-9 PM at pertamina sport complex, simprug, permata hijau.

  7. Rizki says:

    wow… saya baru tau ada rugby di indonesia :))
    kemaren iseng2 download game pc rugby challenge, dan seperti nya menarik juga untuk di coba tapi melihat sikon di tempat saya ga ada yang suka (sepertinya begitu), kalo saya ikut latihan dan belajar main rugby (walau ga bisa di sebut muda atau tua, baca : 25 tahun) boleh ga ya…

  8. brodie says:

    Hi I am 14 and i live in Jakarta,
    Are there any training sessions for ages 18 below?
    and are there training on any other days?
    Thanks !

  9. Etienne Palasti says:

    Hello Admin,
    I am a french citizen, working in Indonesia and father of 3 kids ( 15 y old twins and 17 y old – all 1.80 tall ) and they are keen playing rugby.
    They played for 4 years in Zurich in Switzerland and for 1 year in the Lycee Francais of Jakarta. One of my son has been elected better scorer at a youth tournament that they won. The 2 other one are mostly part of the scrum.
    I would enjoy them to play at more competitive level.
    We are living in the South part of Jakarta .
    Do you have any solution in the South part of Jakarta to fulfill our requests or what solution could you propose us ?
    Thanks in advance for your early reply

  10. stefaney says:

    Good Day, I would be interested in coming out to check the womans team. If there anything that needs to be done, or papers that need to be filled in before coming by pertamina sport complex?

  11. joshua says:

    Hey I came from South Africa , I played the positions hooker there ! I’m wondering if I can join this rugby club !

  12. Lionel says:

    hey guys im an interested player which recently moved to jakarta looking for rugby clubs to join? will it be okay if I come along and have a run with club?


  13. admin says:

    hallo joshua and Lionel

    We are always happy and open for anyone to join the club. Free rugby training every Monday , 7-9PM at hockey field Senayan Jakarta, just bring your boots (futsal or running)! we normally have around 30 to 40 people coming every training and this year we have more U18 players than the senior.
    We are an amateur sport club. everyone volunteer their time for the club but we always strive for the best in Rugby.

  14. mahardika says:

    Is it okay for someone who is 15 years old to join the club, and is there any try-outs that i should take to join the club?

  15. mahardika says:

    I am also beginner level at best and still trying to learn the game

  16. Adhy P says:

    Sudah lama suka rugby daripada sepakbola, ada syaratnya ga ya untuk ikut gabung?

  17. admin says:

    silahkan langsung datang ke tempat latihan banteng setiap senin malam jam 7 s/d 9 di lapangan hoki baru Senayan

  18. Ollie says:

    Hi my names ollie, I’m 21 and from wales.
    I may be moving to jakarta next year (2014) i will be looking to join a rugby club for fitness, a hobby and socializing.
    I’ve played in England for my school and in Australia for a club in Perth.
    I wanted to know any joining fees and what public transport was like to make it to training.

  19. Robbert says:

    i’m Robbert, ( belanda\indonesia), i play in belanda , by Rugbyclub Etten-leur, and i want round 5 years maybe ealer want go to indonesia for Holidays, if i come to Indonesia and in Jakarta. want i teak look you club and maybe with training with the team, and nice site and video’s and i hope that my club and you club maybe in the future Friendly match, and in april 20 april on the sunday organized we easter 7’s tournament, you are welcome

  20. Daniel says:

    Hey guys I’m a New Zealander living here in Jakarta with my wife and family
    And would love to come down for training and a run around if that’s ok.

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