Jakarta Banteng di Sportmagz Metro TV

Tanggal 3 Mei 2015 Sportmagz Metro TV menayangkan liputan tentang Jakarta Banteng Rugby. Terimakasih banyak Metro TV!   Silahkan dilihat video nya di http://video.metrotvnews.com/play/2015/05/03/393473/adu-body-bareng-komunitas-banteng-rugby-jakarta

Jakarta Banteng Pre-season Friendly Matches

By Eric Wight The Jakarta Banteng have opened the new year strong with two decisive wins in pre-season friendly matches against Jakarta Japanese Rugby Gila, and Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Playing JJRG in a farewell-friendly, Banteng jumped up early in the ten-aside match with several tries from the back line and a quick defense, and wouldn’t[…]

Welcoming 2015

by Eric Wight Jakarta Banteng is back and stronger than ever in the new year. While 2014 has come and gone, 2015 brings with it a fresh start for Jakarta’s premier rugby club. With the recent addition of two new coaches, Pete and Joe Keane, the club seeks to improve to levels previously unseen in[…]